TOMO 2024 competition rules

TOMO 2024 will be played according the latest World Aquatics rules. But, there are some exceptions.

1. Dimensions of field of play are 22×17 (U12) and 25×17 (U14).

2. The match time is 4 x 6 min (without stopping the main time, except for the last minute of the match or if requested by referee). The break between quarters is 1 minute, in the halftime 2 minutes.

3. Attack time is 30 seconds

4. No.3 ball is used for U12 category and No.4 for U14 category

5. Exclusion time is 20 seconds

6. No direct shoot after foul (U12 only)

7. Penalty kick shoots from 4 meters line (U12 only)

8. Each team has 2 time-outs

9. In preliminary round, if after a regular time there is no winner, there will be no penalty shootout. Each team gets 1 point

10. If a player or team official receives a red card, automatic suspension of 1 game is applied. If needed, additional sanctions will be decided by the OC.