U-14 pots for live draw of TOMO 2023

Live draw of Tomo 2023 is 24 hours away. Today we are presenting you pots that will determine the groups for competition in U-14 category.

In the U-14 category, 40 teams, divided into eight groups of five, will compete for the title. The first in each group will reach the quarterfinals, while the others will continue the competition in the fight for remaining places.

We have 40 clubs into five pots by eight teams based on two criteria. The first one is time of the arrival of the team in Dubrovnik, and the second one is based on the countries from which the clubs come from.

In the first pot are: Palermo, Orizzonte, Dinamo Bucurest, Salerno, Cannstatt, PSN, Steaua Bucurest, Olympic Roma.

The second pot includes: Mladost, Marseille, Medveščak, Galeb, Triglav, Gusar, Jug AO and KPK Korčula.

In the third pot are: Barcelona A, Torpedo, Terrassa girls, Euskadiko IF, Mediterrani, Barcelona B, Barceloneta, Terrassa boys.

In the forth pot are: Aquatic Verde, Jadran HN, Spartak, Primorac, Zemun, Budva, Jadran Neum and Budućnost.

Fifth pot includes: Lazio, Kastellas, Roma vis Nova, Aris, Jadran Split, Radnički, Šabac, Novi Beograd.

Firstly drawn team will take the place A1, the second drawn B1, etc. We will follow the same principle when drawing other pots.

To remind, live draw will be held on Monday, March 6th at Gruž swimming pool in Dubrovnik, Croatia at 12:00 h. Live stream will be available on our official youtube channel.