TOMO 2023 schedule is LIVE

Time has come to reveal the schedule for TOMO 2023 tournament.

After initial plan to have 32 teams in U14 category and 24 team in U12, because of enormous interest in this years Tournament, organizing committee has gave in all effort to maximize the places for teams in U14 category to 40!

Down bellow you can scroll through the schedule and see the groups, timing and crossovers. Like last year, there will be a live draw to determine the groups.

U12 category has 8 groups of 3 teams. After the preliminary phase of 3 rounds, first two from groups will continue their fight in 1/8 finals, while third from each group will combine in two groups of 4 for relegations from 17th to 24th place. This second round begins on Thursday morning. Quarter finals are scheduled for Friday, semis on a Saturday, and final day on Sunday.

Regarding the U14, 40 teams are divided into 8 groups of 5. After preliminary phase, which mostly ends on Thursday, (6 games of round 5 will end in Friday morning), first team from each group will proceed to quarter finals, second placed team will go in relegation from 9th to 16th place, third will play between 17th and 24th, fourth will be playing for places 25 – 32, while last placed teams in preliminary phase will play for places between 33rd and 40th.

Quarter finals will be played on Friday, semi finals on Saturday, while last day is reserved for Finals.

On this link you can check out whole schedule.