Record breaking year

The jubilee tenth edition of the TOMO Tournament brings many records. For the first time in the history of this competition, hundreds of boys and girls will compete in three categories.

The first few editions of this competition were marked by the Water Polo Club Partizan from Belgrade and the local club Jug Adriatic osiguranje, which alternated on the throne until 2017. During this period, the competition was held only in the category of boys up to 12 years.

The great development of the competition took place in 2018, when the category of competition for boys under the age of 14 was introduced, and this edition broke the record for the number of teams and competitors. In that tournament for the title of the best in two categories, 48 teams and over 700 competitors competed.

A similar tournament was held the following year when over 800 competitors competed in the swimming pool in Dubrovnik. A pandemic of the COVID-19 virus followed and the jubilee tenth edition could not take place until 2022. The organizers have prepared a new turn for this jubilee by introducing a competition in the category of girls under 15 years of age. With that, this year will break all records, considering that 52 teams will fight for gold medals in three categories.

In the U-12 category 20 teams will compete for the trophy, and 24 in the U-14 category. Eight teams will compete in the U-15 girls’ debut category. The number of competitors for the first time in history will exceed 900, which makes this competition one of the largest water polo competitions on the planet.