Olympic final referees recognized Tomo

As the number of participants started growing, there was also a need for a bigger organization that would handle all of the requirements which goes with speedy growth of players, coaches and accompanying parents. 

In the organizational part, the crucial part belongs to referees. From 2018. we have decided to, in addition to local referees from Dubrovnik and Croatia, have the best world referees that have whistled a number of big events, such as the European championship, the World championship as well as the Olympic games.

The best world referees recognized the importance and quality of the TOMO tournament and joined our big water polo family. In 2018 we had Boris Margeta (Slovenia), Georgios Stavridis (Greece), Vojin Putniković (Serbia) and Matan Schwartz (Israel), while in TOMO 2019 we were accompanied by Georgios Stavridis (Greece), Radoslaw Koryzna (Poland) and Sergey Naumov (Russia).