The number of team members is not limited, but during every match there should be at least nine
and a maximum of 15 male or female players, including two goalkeepers, born after January 1st, 2008 (U-14) or 2010 (U-12), and 2007 (girls U-15). Each match the team should be accompanied
by two officials.

Duration of the game is 4 x 6 minutes without interruption, except in the last minute of the game.
Break between first and second and third and fourth period is two minutes. Half time break is four
minutes. Each team has the right to call two time-outs during the game. The games will be played
with the ball No. 3 (boys U-12) and No.4 (boys U-14 and girls U-15). The pitch dimensions are
23×18 m. Dimensions of the goals should be 2,50 x 0,80 m (boys U-12) and 3,00 x 0,90 m (boys U-14 and girls U-15).

The competition schedule will be announced on time, enough before the tournament starts.
During the entire tournament, the pools will be secured by continuous professional medical care.