Competition system and schedule

Bellow you can find system and schedule for all three categories for Tomo 2022. You can also download the document here.

For the U-12 category we have 4 groups of 5 teams. After 5 rounds first two from each groups advance to quarterfinals, 3rd and 4th play for 9 – 16 place, while 5th teams play for places 17 – 20.

For the U-14 category we have 24 teams divided in 8 groups by 3. 1st and 2nd advance to 1/8 finals, while 3rd teams play for places 17 – 24.

In U-15 category 8 team will be split in 2 groups by 4. 1st and 2nd will play in semifinals while 3rd and 4th will play for places 5 – 8.

Shortly after the draw, we will publish full schedule with filled teams and complete games.