Euskadiko Igeriketa Federazioa

Euskadiko Igeriketa Federazioa (English: Basque swimming federation) is a federation of water sports of Baskia, Spain. The federation was established in 1997 when first children’s selection went to a Championship by Territorial Federations. That first expedition was formed solely by the men’s team but it was the beginning of a nice path. in the 2013 season Euskadiko IF participated for the first time in national championship both with the men’s and female team.

Today, 24 years later, the Euskal Selekzioa de Water Polo attends constantly, without interruption in national championships.

Euskadiko made its debut on TOMO Tournament in 2022, and reached 3rd place in girls U15 category. In this years tournament it will compete in U14 category.