WPC Dinamo Tbilisi

WPC Dinamo Tbilisi (eng: Dinamo Tbilisi water polo club) is a profesional water polo club based in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Founded in 1938, Dinamo Tbilisi boasts a rich history of success, securing multiple medals in the USSR Championship and fielding numerous Olympic medalists and champions. However, with the independence of Georgia, the club temporarily ceased operations. In 2011, Dinamo Tbilisi recommenced its journey by establishing an academy, nurturing talent from the grassroots level. By 2017, the senior team reemerged, marking its return to the pinnacle of water polo excellence. Today, Dinamo Tbilisi thrives with over 1300 active swimmers and water polo players, with a particular emphasis on youth development.  

The club has triumphed in numerous young Georgian championships and has clinched the Georgian championship title five times at the senior level. Moreover, Dinamo Tbilisi has showcased its prowess on the international stage by competing in the group stage of the Champions League since 2019, further cementing its position among the elite in European water polo. 

Dinamo Tbilisi will make its debut at the Tomo tournament this year and will compete in the category of U12 and U14.