Società Sportiva Lazio

The Società Sportiva Lazio Nuoto (English: Lazio swimming Sport Society) is an Italian water polo club from Rome, founded in 1900. The SS Lazio Nuoto is one of the oldest sections of the Lazio Society.

Swimming, water polo and diving are the three disciplines in which the club is most involved. Among these, the water polo team that plays in the Italian Serie A water polo championship stands out. The historical colors of the S.S. Lazio are white and light blue, chosen in honor of Greece, home of the Olympics, as the Capitoline society was founded in a period of rebirth of the ancient Olympic spirit.

Lazio made its debut on TOMO Tournament in 2022. Best result is 3rd place from last year. In this years tournament it will compete in U12 and U14 category.