Medveščak Zagreb

Water polo club Medveščak is a water polo club from Zagreb.

The club started operating in 1946 under the name Slavija as part of the swimming club of the same name, but in the same year it started operating under the name Dinamo. In 1948 it changed its name to Naprijed. It has been playing under that name in the highest class of the Yugoslavenian championship. Since 1961 it has been operating as Medveščak. In 1966, they re-entered the first league, but still won the winter championship as a second division.

Since 1973 (with the exception of briefly 1976), the club has been inactive, and was re-established on November 11, 1984.The club re-entered the first league again in 1989, and with the independence of Croatia, it regularly plays in the highest rank of the Croatian championship. The club has also been a regular member of the Adriatic League since its inception.

Medveščak made its first appereace at Tomo tournament in 2011. This yera it will play in U-12 and U-14 categories.